Experience Stress Free Social Media

…For Real!

How do you have time for Instagram and Facebook?

If you own a dance studio, you know there’s a LOT that has to get done everyday… answering the phone, sending emails, teaching classes, registering new students, collecting tuition and paying bills…

How do you fit in time to promote your studio on social media?

You batch!

When you purchase the Social Media Kit for Dance Studios, we help you batch your social media posts in one simple email. Each month you receive over 30% of your social media posts in one email, for the NEXT month!

All you have to do is download the graphics and schedule your posts! (This should take 10 minutes or less!)

And voilĂ ! Now you have 1/3 of your social media planned for the upcoming MONTH!

Now that’s working smart!

The Best Solution

The Social Media Kit for Dance Studios

Each Month Includes:

  • 10 Post-ready dance graphics designed to increase your engagement with inspiring quotes, funny dance puns and more!
  • BONUS: Extra graphics for special holidays (Christmas, New Years, National Dance Day, TuTu Day and more!)
  • BONUS: Content Calendar to give you a headstart on your post scheduling!
  • BONUS: Hashtag suggestions to save you time searching over Instagram!

Sent straight to your inbox each month for less than the price of one dance class!


The Social Media Kit for Dance Studios is PERFECT for you if you want to:

  • Save time with post-ready graphics sent straight to your inbox
  • Engage your followers with dance related content
  • Attract NEW followers with content that displays your values
  • Impress Future Clients with your booming social media feed
  • Inspire your current students
  • Save money and stress from hiring a graphic designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this kit really help me with my studio's social media?

Absolutely! In this kit, our expert graphic designers create images that directly relate to your studio. Regardless of your social media experience, this kit is designed give you a break from coming up with content.

Does everyone get the same graphics?

Yes – every subscriber gets the same kit each month. However, the beautiful part about being a dance studio, you are serving a LOCAL community. Your audience and target market is different than everyone else, so no one will notice! If you would like to know if someone else in your area has subscribed to the kit, please contact us and we would be happy to look that up for you.

How much time will it take to put these graphics on my social media?

We recommend you set aside an hour of your time each month to download the graphics and schedule to autopost. Pro tip! If you use a content manager like Hootsuite or Planoly, you can save even more time!

Does posting graphics like this really matter?

Great graphics on your channel helps your audience feel connected to your brand and inspired to take action. A well-planned social media channel increases conversions-and makes you more money. Who doesn’t like making more money?

Do I need any special program to download the graphics?

Nope! You just need a device and a place to store the graphics. When you purchase the kit, you will get an email with a link to download the kit. You can save the images directly to your DropBox or computer and post from there!

How much does it cost?

You get the entire kit each month for only $14.95! Much more affordable than hiring a graphic designer each month. *You can cancel at any time.

So what are you waiting for?!

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