4 Must-Have Tools for Dance Studios To Survive Quarantine

Our go-to tools for productivity, content creation, organization and engagement for dance studios!

Are you a technology pro or is your online presence usually an afterthought for your business?

I think we can all agree that COVID-19 has forced even the most reluctant studio owner to embrace online tools and social media as a way to keep their business afloat.

By now you are probably well-versed on Instagram and Facebook, which is great for connecting with your students and families!

Maybe you rely heavily on email to communicate with your staff and google drive is your best friend for organization.

What if we told you there are some easy to use tools that will save you time, keep your customers engaged, and help you navigate this new online world of dance?!

The tools outlined below are our go-to’s when it comes to productivity and content creation!

1. Band

Band is GREAT to simplify group communications!


Features we love:

  • Community board exclusive to group members (no need to clog up your social media posts with reminders for your current families)
  • Create reminders for events (members get pop-up notifications on their phone!)
  • Less excuses! See who has read posts!


Benefits you’re looking for:

  • Keeps communication all in one place – Booyah!
  • Create multiple groups or “bands” to easily communicate with specific members of your studio
  • Easy to search through photos and videos
  • Create polls and sign-up lists to know exactly which summer camps will do best!
  • Calendar and message board for each group so that no one is confused
  • Download straight from app – no need for outside platforms
  • Desktop and mobile friendly. Win-Win!

Click here to start using Band!

2. Trello

 Trello is a Project Manager’s DREAM tool.

Features we love:

  • A checklists to map out EVERYTHING and forget NOTHING!
  • Give feedback to your team within specific tasks (no more confusion or hunting through emails/texts).
  • Create your own visual workflow – because as dancers, we are visual people!

Benefits you’re looking for:

  • Keep your team organized and on track without a million emails
  • Set specific and clear due dates and times so that everything launches on time
  • Track your progress so that nothing is last minute
  • Easy drag and drop function – because we love easy!
  • Assign tasks to any number of team members so that you can always use the right people for the job!

Click here to start using Trello!

(Want more training on this? Send a chat and let us know! We are currently planning one!)


3. Planoly

Planoly is the social media scheduler you’ve been looking for!

Features we love:

  • Auto-posting so that you can set it and forget it!
  • Schedule the first comment so that you can add hashtags to your post without clogging up the caption.
  • Hashtag groupings to save your fingers from typing them over and over again for every post!

Benefits you’re looking for:

  • Easiest scheduling platform to use – hands down!
  • Schedule and auto-post to Instagram AND Facebook – double duty!
  • See your planned content laid out like your IG feed – because we LOVE to see how it’s going to look!
  • Analytics to see what works best with your audience.
  • Add hashtags without cluttering up your captions by scheduling the first comment – NINJA TRICK!
  • Stop typing out the same hashtags over and over with hashtag groupings. – *insert sigh of relieft

Click here to start using Planoly!

4. Content Planner for Dance Studios

The Content Planner for Dance Studios is the ONLY way you can plan, create, and schedule an ENTIRE month of posts in less than 2 hours!


Features we love:

  • Canva Templates to add your branding, download, and GO! No stress!
  • Plug-and-Play captions to showcase your personal touch and creativity 🙂
  • Pre-planned ideas so you can focus on your zone of genius – teaching dance!
  • BONUS Content to promote your online classes – perfect timing!

Benefits you’re looking for:

  • Pre-made graphics & Canva Templates so you can decide what your content looks like
  • Engagement checklist to keep you accountable and reaching out to your followers.
  • Easy to visualize via Trello board so that everything is in ONE place for you and/or your social media manager
  • Tutorial video to get you up to speed on how to use the Trello Board even if you’re not “tech savvy”
  • Timely posts about Holidays already done for you so that you never forget!
  • Post ideas for EVERY day of the month (captions included) so that you can stop staring at a blank screen or having those panicky ‘i-have-to-get-something-out-there’ moments.

We are EASILY giving you 10 hours of your life back when you use this Content Planner to jumpstart your social media.

Click here to learn more about our Content Planner and how it can help you!

We know you are juggling A MILLION tasks right now between managing your employees, retaining your students, and keeping everyone’s spirits high.

Technology is our jam and we are thrilled to be able to navigate this overwhelming space for you! The dance community is amazing and resilient and we are here to share our expertise with anyone who needs it during this time.

Your success is our success – please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can assist you in any way!

You can do this!

Your Biggest Fan,

Micaela Royer
CEO, The Streamlined Studio

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