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I get what you're going through...

As I sat in my rolly chair behind the front desk of the studio typing away email after email, I thought, “UGH. I hope next year is better.”

I was teaching 10+ hours, managing the social media channels, writing emails, answering the phone, greeting customers and trying to remember to update each spreadsheet.

I sucked.

I was so focused on the people in front of me that I forgot about following up with leads that came in. We were spending hundreds of dollars on advertising just to have the lead fall off of the face of the Earth.

I was sick of updating spreadsheets and even more tired of writing the same email over and over that NO ONE WOULD READ.

So I started by creating one simple automation that lead to a dozen. Eventually, leads were converting and I wasn’t writing emails.


The studio began to grow and we broke up with spreadsheets... FINALLY!

The Streamlined Studio is a collection of automated systems that are designed to create order and efficiency in your studio so that you TOO can break up with your desk job and get back to doing what you love... teaching dance!

Welcome to loving your studio and having it work for you.

Your Biggest Fan,


Founder and CEO

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