Did you know that Google considers your reviews to be 15% of your overall TrustScore?

That’s a huge chunk!

If you haven’t heard the term TrustScore before, it’s a score calculated by Google based on your overall online presence to determine how trustworthy your business is. The higher your TrustScore, the more comfortable Google feels sharing it to more internet users.

Did you also know that reviews can increase your TrustScore with Google which makes it easier for prospective customers to find you?

Google looks at these factors when determining your ranking:

  1. Rating (Quality)
  2. Number of Reviews (Quantity)
  3. Responsiveness (Engagement)

For example, if you have two 5-star reviews and you didn’t respond to either one, Google will see this has a negative. If you have 2 3-star reviews and you responded to both rather quickly, Google will assume that you are a responsive business that cares about your customers.

It’s easy to get positive reviews, right? All you have to do is provide excellent customer service and ask your happy customers to share their experience on your Google My Business page.

For now, I’d like to bring out the big bad witch and how we deal with her.

You got your first bad review… Now what?

You decided to stick to your studio policy and now an unhappy dance mom is posting her side of the story all over social media. She didn’t get to be an exception, so now she wants to put her story on blast!

Now you find yourself up at 3am thinking the worst.

“My reputation is ruined!”

“Will I lose students over this?”

“If I lose students, how will I pay my bills?”

“How will I send my kids to college?”

“How will I pay for the floors that my studio desperately needs?”

This list goes on because your reputation is vital to your studio’s survival.

So how do you respond to your negative reviews to attract more customers?

First, you need to take a breather before you respond. It is important that your response comes from a place of understanding and helpfulness rather than rage. It is completely normal to be upset but you need to strategically respond in order for this to work in your favor. Take a walk or complete another task and then come back to it – just don’t forget! (Ask Siri to remind you in an hour to respond to the review.)

Next, here are 4 tips to remember when writing your response.

  1. Address the situation and thank them for their feedback.
  2. Respond with taste. Avoid blaming them for the situation or calling them any names. Remember, you are writing on a public platform which is why we recommend that you take a walk before you respond so that your emotions are in check. It is your job to remain in charge of the situation.
  3. Keep it short and sweet! There is no need to go back and forth on a public platform to prove your point. The main objective is to handle the situation as quickly as possible.
  4. Ask for more details and invite them to discuss offline. It is important to handle the situation in a private setting so that you can avoid any misunderstandings.

Pro Tip #1 After the situation has been resolved, leave a comment on the negative review to thank the customer for sharing their experience. Make sure that you can go into detail about how you solved the issue to show your potential customers how you genuinely care about your customer’s experience.

Pro Tip #2 At the end of the comment, give them a reason to come back or check you out! This is the perfect place to promote your summer dance camps, annual recital or Fall registration.

For example:

“Thank you for giving us the chance to make this right! We appreciate your business and we are so happy we were able to create a solution for you. We can’t wait to see little Sally at our Moana Camp this summer!”

Negative reviews are inevitable…

Keep your chin up, stay responsive and remember that you don’t have to let an angry dance mom ruin your reputation! Stay in control and leverage them for your studio growth!

Your Biggest Fan,

Founder and CEO
The Streamlined Studio

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